Success Stories

Chemical Leasing can be applied in many industries and processes, ranging from car manufacturing to cleaning operations, wastewater treatment, textiles, beverage and food production (See Table 1 below). Since 2005, pilot projects have been conducted in Latin and South America, Africa, Europe and Asia. Nowadays, more than 100 companies worldwide…

Chemical Leasing can be applied in many industries and processes, ranging from car manufacturing to cleaning operations, wastewater treatment, textiles, beverage and food production The best practice examples from companies prove that Chemical Leasing:

  • Is relevant for Industry
  • Supports Sustainability
  • Has a high potential of global replicability
  • Has a direct impact on production processes.

Table 1. Chemical Leasing applied across industries and processes

Industrial sectors Chemicals identified (selection)
Manufacture of electronic equipment Powder coatings
Manufacture of fabricated metal products Organic solvents, detergents
Various industries/steel treatment Galvanizing and phosphating agents
Beverage production Lubricants for packaging conveyors
Waste water and drinking water treatment Water treatment chemicals
Accommodation and service sector Cleaning chemicals
Beverage and food processing Glues, adhesives, detergents, sanitizing chemicals
Petrochemical industry Catalysts and water treatment chemicals
Printing industry Ink, printing chemicals

In addition, UNIDO has developed a global study on the “Potential of Chemical Leasing in Selected Cleaning Operations” that is available here.

ABB ARAB | Metal Sector

Surface Protection in the Egyptian Fabricated Metal Products Manufacturing Industry
A large manufacturer of electric equipment in Egypt applied Chemical Leasing for its powder coating operations. This resulted in a 20 % reduction of powder coating applied, 5 % less waste and an improved energy managament system.

Ecopetrol | Oil sector

Waste Water Treatment, Oil Dehydration and Corrosion Inhibition in the Columbian Oil Sector
The largest Columbian oil company, Ecopetrol, was looking for new strategies not only to lower costs but also to consider the total economic balance of its crude oil drilling and water treatment operations. They identified the Chemical Leasing business model as the most suitable strategy and applied it to the processes of oil dehydration, water purification and corrosion inhibition.

Windsor Atlantica Hotel | Hospitality sector
Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Cleaning and Housekeeping in the Brazilian Hospitality Sector
Hotels use an array of chemicals and cleansing products for cleaning and housekeeping purposes. Thanks to Chemical Leasing contractual arrangements, the Windsor Atlantica Hotel uses 40 % less chemicals. Among other benefits: elimination of packaging waste and considerable reduction of water consumption.

Name | Metal Sector

Surface Protection in the Egyptian Sector of Fabricated Metal Products Manufacturing
One of the most significant Egyptian producers of electrical appliances, refrigerators and washing machines faced losses and high costs in its surface pre-treatment and painting operations. Chemical Leasing helped them achieve important reductions in chemicals and cost per unit produced and also to lower the amount of chemical waste.

Crown Beverages Limited | Beverage sector

Lubrication in the Ugandan Beverage Industry
A Ugandan beverage company introduced Chemical Leasing for bottle washing and conveyor lubrication. Chemical consumption was reduced by 40 and 48 %, respectively, and the water and energy demand decreased significantly.

Bambi Banat | Food Sector

Bonding of Boxes in the Serbian Food Processing Sector
A Serbian confectionary producer uses Chemical Leasing in the bonding process of packaging. Over 30 % of adhesives and 50 % of energy could be saved due to the introduction of a more efficient adhesive and an optimised process.

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