From industry experts and policy makers to young entrepreneurs and researchers – Testimonials share their experience with the performance-based business model, inspiring companies and individuals around the globe to rethink the way of dealing with chemicals and become part of the international Chemical Leasing community!

Li Yong
Former Director General, UNIDO

“Chemical Leasing is continuing to revolutionize the way we do business with chemicals, and address the urgent need to reduce the impact of chemicals production and consumption on the environment, water and human health”.

Stephan Sicars
Managing Director, Directorate of Environment and Energy, UNIDO

"Chemical Leasing requires a lot of effort from the companies involved to make it work. This effort is not only worth it but is actually quite modest compared to the benefits that can be achieved."

Petra Schwager
Inspiring Leader of Global Chemical Leasing Programme, UNIDO

"Interview at the Global Award 2014"

Marcos Alegre
Former Vice Minister, Ministry of Environment, Peru

"Chemical Leasing is very well aligned to circular economy principles and other modern sustainability concepts. It is an innovative service-oriented business model that changes the focus of how chemicals are offered and used, and thus achieving an increase in environmental performance and profitability. Since chemicals are present in our everyday lives, the impact of Chemical Leasing solutions are highly relevant for our societies and for SDGs."

Paul Anastas
Director of the Center for Green Chemistry and Green Engineering

"The potential of Chemical Leasing is immense, and it is just at the very beginning of its ability to bring about a positive change. I believe that when you align economic and profitability goals with environmental and human health goals – that it is good for business and good for the planet and human health – then I think that there will be immense growth: it becomes self-driving!"

Paul Anastas
“Father Of Green Chemistry” Director Of Yale University’S Center For Green Chemistry And Green Engineering

"Interview at the Global Award 2014"

Marco Camboni
Managing Director, co-author of the OECD study on Chemical Leasing

"Chemical Leasing is more than just a business model to achieve higher profits. It requires a strong environmental commitment from all contractual parties, which may help in overcoming some of the transactional hazards arising in Product Service System contracts."

Branko Dunjic
Director National Cleaner Production Center (NCPC-Serbia)

"At the end of the day, all companies that can apply Chemical Leasing will do it as it makes business sense."

Ana Maria Evangelho Oestreich
Consultant on Eco-efficiency, Circular Economy and Chemical Leasing, Brazil

"A wonderful reward for the hard workachieved. An incentive to further developthe implementation of Chemical Leasingin Brazil."

Bjorn Hansen
Executive Director, European Chemicals Agency (ECHA)

"The concept of Chemical Leasing is fascinating. I truly hope that innovation and technology will allow us to put this concept into practice – towards a new service model of how chemicals that fit the concept are used."

Paula Hoyos Cadavid
Expert in sustainable chemical management and Chemical Leasing from Colombia

"For my country, Colombia, it was such amemorable moment: our companies gottwo awards for the excellent ChemicalLeasing projects demonstrating greatresults in terms of sustainability andproper handling of chemicals."

Thomas Jakl
Ambassador of Chemical LeasingDeputy Director-General, Ministry of Environment of Austria (BMK)

"Deputy Director-General, the Federal Ministry of Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology (BMK), AustriaInterview at the Global Award 2014"

Thomas Jakl
Deputy Director General, Federal Ministry Of Sustainability And Tourism, Austria

“I have to admit – not in my wildest dreams could I have imagined such a success. Success in that we managed through our cooperation to demonstrate across a wide range of sectors that Chemical Leasing is not just a theoretical approach but has the potential to become a complete new, well established and widespread business model. Fostering innovation, introducing resource efficiency – making sustainability happen”.

Reinhard Joas
International expert on Sustainable Chemicals Management, environmental technologies and innovative business models, Managing Director of CS3, Germany

"Chemical Leasing is an excellent contributor to CO2 reduction and helps to avoid climate change. In most cases this is not recognised by the involved supplier and user, it only becomes obvious when one uses a supply chain perspective."

Srdjan Jocic
Food And Beverage Ind. Srb, Ecolab Hygiene D.O.O

“We are very pleased and grateful that our efforts were recognized on an international level. It is a great motivation and inspiration for our future efforts to continue the pathway of sustainable chemical management".

Ricardo Kawa
General Manager Windsor Atlantica Hotel, Gold Winner Of The Award 2014

Eeva Leinala
Principal Administrator, Environment Health and Safety Division, Environment Directorate

"Innovation in different domains is required to continue to improve the sound management of chemicals. Chemical Leasing is one such innovation, which is focused on how to structure the business model for chemicals in a way that naturally incentivises a reduction in the use of chemicals along with improved chemical handling and waste management."

Ljilja Mrdja
Chief Of The Chemistry And Metallurgy Laboratory, FKL, Serbia

“We aimed at making the metal cleaning process more efficient and safer, optimizing the consumption of chemical used. For our company, it was of the key importance to find such a model which would help us meet the high standards of both economic performance and environmental sustainability. Chemical Leasing became the solution for us and changed the way we do business".

Dejan Odadzic
Key Account Manager Labelling Europe at Henkel

"UNIDO Chemical Leasing projects have been recognised as very important for the industry, so the Award itself is not only an acknowledgment of the best projects, it also encourages outstanding innovations that provide best-in-class support for customers. What I found really impressive was the diversity of the cases presented during the Award where Chemical Leasing as a business model has been implemented"

Dejan Odadzic
Key Account Manager Labelling Europe at Henkel

"Henkel recognises Chemical Leasing as a business model that provides the highest level of connection between the end customer and the supplier, applicable in a wide variety of different daily sales activities. Chemical Leasing is creating a much stronger customer-supplier bond, implying a need for the implementation of additional checkpoints (even systems) for chemical consumption tracking. All of this activity is resulting in overall, absolutely sustainable production quality increases."

Dragana Petrovic
Sustainability HSEQ Management System consultant, auditor and lecturer, CEO at Victoria Consulting, Serbia

"Chemical leasing is one of my favourite business models because of so many reasons. It is proven circular economy business model, it leads to mutual savings, more efficient chemical use, better EHS performance. But the top reason why I like this model is the fact that the full potential of the model can only happen when the chemical producer and chemical user start to think about each other mutual interests...only than the Chemical Leasing magic can start. And when the Chemical Leasing magic start...the truth reveals...nobody actually wants to have the chemical...the chemical performance is what counts!"

Sonja Roglić
Head, Chemicals Department, Ministry of Environmental Protection, Serbia

"We see Chemical Leasing as an innovative business model which contributes to circular economy and to the adoption of sound chemicals management by industries, and which advances sustainable development."

Vojislavka Satric
Chemical Engineer, Winner Of The Chemical Leasing Awards In 2010 And 2012

“I believe in this model because I have seen the results. I assisted companies in the transformation of their businesses by the application of the model. I was a witness of how they were changing in terms of economic, social development and safety, but first of all in their managerial and corporate values”.

Elisa Setién
Former Director General, European Association Of Chemical Distributors (FECC)

“For chemical distributors, chemical leasing is an innovative business that holds promise, as it enables us to provide differentiated solutions to customers, shifting the focus from sales volume to a value added approach, while minimising the use of chemicals and their emissions, and contributing to a sustainable and competitive economy”.

Mirela Siqueira
Environmental Coordinator, Groupe PSA

"Inspiring! This experience I will cherish forthe rest of my life."

Karl Stuetzle
Former General Manager, Safechem

“Chemical Leasing is an excellent business model and at the end of the day exactly what the customer, the market and the environment need”.

Anna Tari
Founder Circular Economy Club

"The Circular Economy Club is a strong supporter of the UNIDO Chemical Leasing initiative, which recognises organisations that break from the traditional model of driving sales through increased material usage and encourages the application of business solutions that focus on the impact and added value for partners and the environment. The Chemical Leasing model provides a strong example of the product (chemical) as a service model that will be a key part of Circular Economy solutions in the future."

Doaa Tawfik
Cleaner production and resource efficiency specialist from the National Cleaner Production Centre of Egypt

"The model and its paradigm shift can inspire women-entrepreneurs in my country to start something new and innovative and to do their businesses in a different way."

Andrii Vorfolomeiev
Assistant Professor and Director at the Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production Centre

"I think the most valuable part of the Chemical Leasing business model is knowledge and technology transfer. It will boost the industry by creating the national nodes of expertise, new ‘green’ markets and jobs, while simultaneously decreasing environmental impacts and improving worker safety."

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