Global Chemical Leasing Award 2021 – The Ceremony

Global Chemical Leasing Award 2021 – The Ceremony

Global Chemical Leasing Award 2021 – The Ceremony 150 150 Mauricio


The Award aims to acknowledge best practices, innovative approaches and ideas related to Chemical Leasing and similar performance-based business models for sustainable chemicals management. The Award ceremony will take place in Vienna, Austria on September 15th, 2021 from 3:00 to 4:45 pm. Registration for the award ceremony is open until 10th September.

15 Sept. 3-4:345pm (CET)      Wolke 19, Vienna, Austria


The fifth global award ceremony – 2021 was hold on 15 September in Vienna!

The award acknowledged best practices, innovative approaches and ideas related to Chemical Leasing and similar performance-based business models for sustainable chemicals management, inspiring companies and individuals around the globe to rethink how they operate with chemicals.

This year’s ceremony was organized in a hybrid format and combined with online features and live streaming to a global audience.

The winners (Gold, Silver and Bronze) were announced in the following categories: Case studies, Innovation, Research, Women-led initiatives.

A special recognition “Chemical Leasing Frontrunners” was awarded to 23 companies that demonstrate the long-standing commitment to the business model.

Co-organizers: The United Nations Industrial Development Organization, the Austrian Federal Ministry of Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology; the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, and Nuclear Safety, the German Environment Agency; the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment, and the European Association of Chemical Distributors.

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  • Here are some reasons to attend the ceremony:

    • It is an opportunity to learn more about a concrete tool that helps to redefine and reorganize business in line with circular economy and sustainability principles. The model helps achieve win-win-win results: reducing environmental impact, boosting profits, and creating social benefits.
    • The ceremony can inspire you and your company with new business approaches, innovative solutions and best practices from different industries and countries, that can help to rediscover and strengthen your competitiveness and added value.
    • The event can serve as a platform for knowledge exchange and networking. Online features will allow for discussions on Chemical Leasing, performance-based business approaches, and sustainable chemical management.
    • Experiences from testimonials, pioneers and frontrunners in industry, researchers and creative individuals, can encourage you to step towards a new business model and further improve organizational performance.
    • An opportunity to join our growing Chemical Leasing community! Show your commitment to sustainable chemicals management and be among enthusiasts who want to make this world better!
  • Attending the online ceremony is free and open for a different audience: representatives of industry (big companies and SMEs, users and suppliers of chemicals) and NGOs, researchers, consultants, policymakers, and everybody interested in topics related to sustainable chemicals management, innovative business models, performance-based business

  • How to attend the ceremony?

    It is easy! Please register for the ceremony by sending us an email, indicating your name, profession, company/institution you are working for. A few days before the ceremony, we will send you a direct link together with an event programme.

  • The migration to a service-based economy is leading to a fundamental shift in industries toward business models in which the service component of products is becoming dominant based on the value they provide to customers.

    Lets take an example of the chemicals business: The main interest of chemical users is not to buy and possess chemicals products. They are interested in the best solutions for their process or application. Therefore, chemical users are paying attention on the utility of chemicals, and are attracted by services that support their businesses. This strict service orientation leads to a new logic that puts the utility / function provided by a chemical into the centre of the buying process. Following this shift, chemicals suppliers need to change a way of doing business and offer sophisticated solutions that will support their customers’ chemical operations and profitability.

    Performance based business model (also called “performance-based contracting”) responds to this demand: the customer pays for the utility of the product and not for its quantity or volume.

    Performance based business models related to chemicals can be called and branded in companies differently, not just as Chemical Leasing even if being identical or similar to this model.

    Chemical Leasing is a performance-based business model for sustainable chemicals management. Chemical Leasing aims at a more efficient use of chemicals in the production process by redefining the business relationship between the chemical user and the supplier. In the Chemical Leasing model, the supplier does not sell quantities. The supplier sells the function of the chemical. The model aligns the interests and motivations of partners, and helps achieve a win-win situation for them and the environment. The life cycle of the chemicals is prolonged, waste is minimized and resources are used efficiently. This contributes to the achievement of circular-economy goals.

    Example: A producer of automotive parts needs solvents to clean and degrease them. The company pays the chemical supplier for the functions performed by the chemical, that is, the cleaned metal parts. The company does not pay according to the amount of solvent used.

    Chemical Leasing model overview:



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Case Study

This category is open to users and suppliers of chemicals. To be eligible for application, it is necessary that the company has already started with the implementation of a performance-based business model, such as Chemical Leasing. (a contract is signed).


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This category is for case studies with technical solutions that can or have the (already demonstrated) potential to define a new state of the art for a certain use of chemicals (i.e. Circular economy, non-tox-solution, etc.), also including Start-ups, implemented business plans, etc.


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This category is for research and development activities and comprises new products, new processes, patents, business concepts papers, lectures, curricula, etc. to bring performance-based business models (e.g. Chemical Leasing) forward. The topics are widespread and can address Green and Sustainable Chemistry, Sustainable Industrial Parks, Sustainable Cities, but also business management and legal issues, etc., but have to have a clear link to performance-based business models.



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Women-led initiatives

Applicants need to demonstrate that their case is a “Women-led initiative”.


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Applicants need to demonstrate that their case belongs to a start-up.


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The jury will recognize companies that demonstrate a long-standing commitment to Chemical Leasing and have been implementing the business model for a period of at least five years.

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