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Global Chemical Leasing Award 2018

The award ceremony took place on 6 November in Vienna. It was organized by UNIDO in partnership with the Austrian, German and Swiss Governments. 

During the ceremony, the winners in the three categories were announced and presented in front of the high-level audience (experts from industry, science, academia, NGOs and policy-making institutions). The sheer number of 91 applications received from 20 countries proves that Chemical Leasing is gaining momentum and is being applied in many companies worldwide and in different sectors.

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What is Chemical Leasing?

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Highlights of the Global Award 2018 

News and Events

New Delhi, 3-5 July 2019 - Chemical Leasing concept and experiences were presented in a framework of the 8th Greenco Summit, organized by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and UNIDO.  The...
Vienna, 24 April 2019 - The Austrian chamber of commerce hosted the workshop "Sustainable Business Model for Chemical industry and its clients", organized by the Austrian Ministry for Sustainability and Tourism together...
Belgrade, 28 November 2018 - Henkel announces Bronze at the Global Chemical Leasing Award that the company received for its innovative technical solution.  From the company's press release:  Henkel...

Case Studies

A Ugandan beverage company introduced Chemical Leasing for bottle washing and conveyor lubrication. Chemical consumption was reduced by 40 and 48 %, respectively, and the water and energy demand decreased significantly.

A Serbian confectionary producer uses Chemical Leasing in the bonding process of packaging. Over 30 % of adhesives and 50 % of energy could be saved due to the introduction of a more efficient adhesive and an optimised process.

A large manufacturer of electric equipment in Egypt applied Chemical Leasing for its powder coating operations. This resulted in a 20 % reduction of powder coating applied, 5 % less waste and an improved energy managament system.